Lonsdale Palms

A unique holiday experience

Lonsdale Palms

A unique holiday experience

Wide doorway for disability access

Disability Access

Lonsdale Palms is proud to be an inclusive accommodation property that truly caters for people with all modes of ability. Lonsdale Palms was specifically built due to my late husband’s debilitating condition. Albert was diagnosed with cancer in 1993.

He enjoyed the beach and wanted his quality of life to be enriched with wonderful experiences the Bellarine Peninsula had to offer. However, at the time, it became increasingly difficult to stay at our old farmhouse, as there were steps to negotiate and an inaccessible bathroom – the shower was over the bath. Accommodation catering to wheelchairs were not common.

This was the reason why we initially purchased the property at Point Lonsdale. A place where the whole family could enjoy fresh air, the beach and have fun. He sadly passed away in 1995. My dear father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and similarly it was very difficult from him to manage steps and bathroom arrangements.

Following this experience and surgery on a lower back problem myself, I realised there was a growing need for accommodation providing access for all abilities. I have continued the tradition of ensuring Lonsdale Palms is constantly updated and renovated to ensure every person can access beautiful accommodation, close to the beach.

Wheelchair ramps

Extra wide doorways

Extra wide doorways

Easy access

Every unit and house consists of:

  • Space for manual and/or electric scooters
  • Smooth Wheelchair Ramps to enter the house
  • 920mm wide doors in all areas
  • Spacious bathrooms
  • Handrails and grab bars in all bathrooms and toilet area
  • Large roll-in shower
  • Large Lounge area
  • Large Balcony
  • Kitchen catering for Wheelchair access
  • Hydronic Heating for asthma sufferers (house only)
  • Close parking facilities
  • Pet friendly

We can also provide:

  • Shower chair
  • Shower stool
  • Commode chair
Image of a shower stool
Shower stool
Image of a Commode chair
Commode chair
Image of a shower chair
Shower chair
Image of a toilet with hand rails. All equipped for disabilities.
Toilet hand rails

Mobility Aides

If you require mobility aides (ie: walkers, seated walking scooter, wheelchairs), we have space to cater for such items. Please let us know upon booking, whether you will be arriving with these items, so we can dedicate space. If you require us to book mobility aides on your behalf, this is the process to follow:

  1. Choose Arrange Mobility Aide when booking.
  2. If you know what items are required for your stay, please mention them in the comments section when booking.
  3. If you don’t know, please ensure you have given us your right mobile number as we will contact you to clarify and arrange on your behalf.
  4. We have these items ready for you before you arrive.

To hire these items, we recommend using:

White Cross Healthcare Solutions,
51 West Fyans Street, Newtown Vic 3220
Phone: 03 5222 6666

GMS Rehabilitation
403 Moorabool Street, South Geelong Vic 3220
Phone: 1300 734 223

Disability Access – Tours and Attractions

We have explored the Bellarine Peninsula and uncovered a variety of places and attractions that provide an inclusive experience for people with any disabilities.

Below are some of our favorites:

Disabled Surfers Association – Ocean Grove

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